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Virtual Reality Headset Launches On Firebox.com

As the Queen song goes, ‘Is this real life or is this just fantasy?’ The answer today is both!

Virtual Reality is the trend you’re going to be hearing a lot more about in the future. Like next generation 3D only much much more immersive. Think Tron 2 of the Holodeck on the USS Enterprise and you’re getting there.

Virtual Reality technology allows you to put on a pair of high-tech goggles and be transported into another world. Technology firms are betting in a few years time we’ll all be consuming our entertainment via a headset!

Last year Facebook acquired Oculus VR and is currently developing the Rift VR headset. Meanwhile director Ridley Scott is working on the first VR film for the big screen which will hit cinemas in December. Showing before his new movie, The Martian, this short VR film will see audience members wearing visors and headphones to create the immersive effect of being marooned on Mars.

But all that still seems so far away. Want to escape your reality now? Then Entr the competition for a chance to win this Immerse Virtual Reality Headset for your smartphone and give it a try.

Sold exclusively at Firebox.com and priced at £29.99, this is an affordable way to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset and see what all this VR fuss is about! The headset is compatible with Android and iPhone and tons of virtual reality apps, 3D movies and immersive games can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.

The headset features face contact foam and adjustable head straps for maximum comfort, plus an adjustable lens for optimal viewing with wireless 360 degree head tracking.

Entr to win the headset and escape into a virtual reality. It's just as fun for someone else to watch you experiencing it!


Which director is currently working on a VR film?

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