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    10 x one gift from the Parcelgenie gift messaging app

Parcelgenie Introducing The Gift Messaging App

Genies don’t just live in bottles and magic lamps, you know. They also live in smartphones.

How do I make my wish-granting phone genie appear, we hear you ask? Simple. Just download the free Parcelgenie app (and give your phone a little rub!)

Parcelgenie is the world’s first gift messaging app, making sending gifts as easy as sending a text message.

Today you can win one gift to send to your someone special. Ten winners will each receive one gift message credit to send any gift on the app completely free. Entr now for your chance to be one of the lucky ten to try the Parcelgenie service!

Want to cheer up a friend, brighten their day and let them know you’re thinking about them? Want to tell them happy birthday, or congratulations or I love you? Well now you can and you don’t even have to know their address.

So how exactly does Parcelgenie work? You pick the gift you want to send and enter your friend’s phone number and a personal message if you want to. They then receive a text telling them you’ve sent them a gift. Once they’ve replied with their delivery address the gift is hand wrapped and sent via first class post.

There is a wide range of gifts on offer which are regularly updated. Prices currently range from £1.99 to £7.99 for gifts, including gummy bear hugs, a gourmet chocolate pizza, a good luck charm, flower tea lights and an emergency tea break.

Parcelgenie is available for download on both Apple and Android devices and accepts payment for in-app purchases via credit and debit cards as well as Paypal.


How do you send a Parcelgenie gift?

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