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Sony SmartBand Out This Month

Technology is moving faster than a DeLorean on nitrogen these days, but there's no need for time travel as today's prize proves that the future is, in fact, now. Japanese electronics company, Sony, is getting ready to release its latest creation later this month; the Sony SmartBand SWR10.

The SmartBand is a lightweight rubber wristband with a waterproof core which connects to your smartphone and tracks your physical, social and entertainment activities. Designed to be worn all day every day, the wristband uses GPS, Bluetooth and accelerometer technologies to log your life and sync that data to your phone.

Life-logging is the latest technology trend for seeing how you live, including your daily movement, communication and entertainment. It feels your movements, recording your walking, running or cycling activity as well as your total steps and calories burned. The band also vibrates when your phone is receiving a call, message or other notification and can be used as a remote for your phone, allowing you to control your music.

If you're out of range from your phone, the SmartBand will store your information and send it over when you reconnect. You can then see a visual timelime of your movements, what you have listened to, messages received and pictures taken. There is also a Life Bookmark button which will allow you to save everything about a moment as a single event to look back on forever.

Entr our competition now for your chance to win a futuristic SmartBand and start logging your life. The band will be available to purchase later this month and will be priced at £79.99.


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