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Below The Belt Male Gooming Kit

Here at Entr we search far and wide to bring you the best prizes around. We're always thinking outside the box, but never did we anticipate going below the belt.

But that's exactly where we went! Entr the competition now for your the chance to win a Below The Belt male grooming kit.

Below The Belt is a new range of personal grooming products for men. It has just launched with three products, made from essential oils and natural ingredients, to keep your private parts feeling fresh, clean and comfortable throughout the day.

We're giving away a special promotional pack which includes all three products; Fresh & Dry Balls, Waterless Shower and Sports Lubricant.

Fresh & Dry Balls is a gel product which dries into a light powder. Use this after a shower and keep your bits fresh and ready to tackle the day.

The Waterless Shower is perfect for the man on the go. Whether you're on a long haul flight, at a festival or heading out straight from work, this shower in a tube instantly leaves your bits feeling clean and refreshed.

The Sports Lubricant can be applied below the belt either before or after exercise to keep you feeling comfortable and to prevent chafing.

Below The Belt is the UK's first male grooming brand which specifically caters to the area below the belt. It started when Jonathan and Geoff, two men in their 50s, began wondering why there were no products to cater to the specific needs of the male organ.

The Below The Belt promotional pack is available to purchase online now and is priced at £19.60.


How many products has Below The Belt launched with?

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