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Entr the competition to be in with a chance of winning the new Apple Watch which after major build up is shipping from today!

The Apple Watch is more than just a timepiece, it has the same features as the iPhone and iPad but in a wearable form. Connected to your calendar and contacts it will help you to manage your time and stay in touch wherever you are.

The Watch can also be used as an alarm clock, stopwatch, to display maps, check the weather and to track your fitness. A quick swipe with your finger will give you a glance at your next meeting, a map to your next destination, the local weather or even the sport scores.

There are also new ways to stay in touch with your friends. View messages and emails on your watch and respond with a single emoji or voice message, or transfer the message to your iPhone to write out a longer reply.

Let someone know you're thinking about them by sending them a personalised silent, gentle tap or even your own heartbeat with the built-in heart rate sensor. You can also draw a picture with your finger and send it to a friend where it will animate on their Watch.

Apple is the brand behind the Mac computer, the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad, the iCloud and the iTunes Store. Don't ask us why there isn't an 'i' before 'Watch!'

The first watch designed specifically for the wrist is reported to have been made in 1868. It became popular among military men who needed to monitor the time while using both hands to operate machinery and weaponry.

The Watch is their most personal device yet and has several straps and clock faces to choose from.

Prices range from £300 to £17,000 (if you're feeling flush!).


When was the first wristwatch made?

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