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Amazon Introduces The New Fire TV Stick

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Amazon is gearing up for the release of its Fire TV Stick in April and to celebrate we've got one to give away. Entr the competition now for your chance to win this hot piece of technology!

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an easy way for you to turn you television into a smart TV and instantly access all your favourite media. Simply plug it into the HDMI slot of your HDTV and you're good to go.

There's a huge selection of apps and streaming services available, including Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and more, giving you instant access to hundred of television shows, movies, games and music. You can also watch hundreds of titles on Amazon Instant Video, and if you haven't signed up to the service yet you can enjoy a free 30-day trial with your Fire TV Stick.

The stick has a 4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast and comes with a power adapter and remote control. You can also download the free mobile app which has voice search built in so you can search your Fire TV Stick content by saying the name of any artist, actor or film into your phone's microphone.

It also uses ASAP to learn what Amazon movies and TV shows you'll want to watch and buffer before playback to ensure seamless streaming when you hit play.

The stick can be used in any HDTV so you can take it from room to room, or even to a friends house or a hotel, and continue watching your favourite shows – all you need is wifi access.

Priced at £35, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is available to pre-order now ready for release on Wednesday 15th April.


How does the Fire TV Stick connect to your TV?

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