We’re Entr. We love competitions. Everyone loves competitions! They’re addictive (legally!), fun and rewarding for brands and consumers. We thought there was a better way to do competitions online. Entr is the solution. At Entr people discover, win, engage and share. What’s not to love? Intrigued? Find out more about us below.

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How Does It Work?

Entr gets your product message to consumers with the speed of advertising and the effectiveness of editorial.

Our competitions platform showcases the best new products and services every day and rewards consumers for learning about and engaging with your message.

Why Entr

We know one of the hardest parts of starting or running a business is getting your message to consumers. That’s why we launched Entr.

Entr is a beautiful, simple and cost effective way to raise awareness, drive engagement and turn consumers into fans.

Winning for Brands

Quality is one of the hallmarks of the Entr service. By working with Entr we promise your message will be beautifully showcased and effectively targeted.

And because Entr is a success-based platform you only pay when our service works. There’s no risk in working with us.

The Team

  • David Hayes

    Founder, MD

    David is the team wallet, watch and loudspeaker. His job is to make sure the rest of the team can do theirs. Dream Prize: A trip back in time!
  • Michael Lake

    Founder, Head of Development

    Michael is the architect. His skyscraper is the Entr website. Every aspect precision engineered with his team to make Entr a joy to use. Dream Prize: Winning an Ironman competition!
  • Jayde Mathews

    Head of Operations

    Jayde is Entr’s conductor. She works with our team of writers and producers to make sure every day at Entr is as well conducted as a Beethoven symphony. Dream prize: Invisibility!

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